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Kunstenhuis CAIN

  • Date2018-2024
  • ClientKunstenHuis De Bilt-Zeist
  • ActivitiesMaintenance and further development
  • TechniquesPHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, MySQL
About this project

KunstenHuis De Bilt-Zeist is a cultural center with branches in the cities of Zeist, De Bilt and Driebergen. With over 5400 students spread over four different departments, it is essential that data is neatly stored and accessed. IJsSoft provides Kunstenhuis with peace of mind by continuously developing the system called CAIN. Using an API, we link CAIN to their Wordpress website.

When you think of cultural education in Zeist, De Bilt or Driebergen, you immediately think of KunstenHuis. KunstenHuis is an ever growing organization, which consists of four departments: Music school De Bilt-Zeist, Drama school Masquerade, Dance school EDC and the Department of Visual Arts. A complex CRM is used for the administration of the 135 individual and group courses offered. In addition, the theater operates Het Lichtruim in De Bilt and the pop stage De Peppel in Zeist.

By combining the CRM built in CodeIgniter with an API and linking it to Wordpress, the current course overview is updated every hour on the website of the Kunstenhuis. Course participants and their parents can log in for various administrative processes such as adding family members, address changes and registering or unsubscribing for new courses.

In the backend, the invoicing is fully automated and by exporting to accounting promgram CASH, the journal entries are processed immediately. Various reports have also been built for the analysis of student numbers and financial accounting. In order to close the system, the package is provided with an audit trail which records every action and data is encrypted according to the standards of the GDPR.

Patrick Duijst, head of finance at Kunstenhuis: "The CAIN package provides us with insight into the administrative and financial issues surrounding students and courses. Together with IJsSoft we have developed various tools that save us time and help us to justify our figures to municipalities and accountants."

Rob Schouw, director Kunstenhuis: "We are very satisfied with IJsSoft as a partner and especially how they are flexible with our wishes and new ideas within the system. We recently added the activities of Dance School EDC to our organization. The increase in scale resulted in new wishes, which were added to our system in a very short period of time."

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