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Bestaande webapplicaties onderhouden en verbeteren

Maintain and improve existing web applications

Do you have an existing system, and would you like to have it maintained or further developed? This is certainly possible for both modern web applications and legacy software.

If we didn't build the web application ourselves, we perform a technical research to understand the system's architecture, operation, and development methodology. The more input we receive, the better. Based on your plans and requirements, we will map out the possibilities and make a plan of approach.

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Legacy systems

A legacy system is an information system, computer system or application that is based on technology that has become obsolete. Legacy systems often play an essential role within a company because surrounding systems, often built later, use information from the legacy system. Without this legacy system, these applications simply won't work.


We help with outdated software when direct corrective maintenance or additions to the system are required. We are good at old PHP code, as well as the programming languages JavaScript, C# and VB Script.


But in the end, we usually recommend phasing out the legacy software. After all, legacy software often runs on outdated unsupported hardware or the old software doesn't run on modern servers anymore. Maintenance requires knowledge that is outdated and therefore more scarce and more expensive. The further in time, the greater the risks and the more expensive the legacy software will become.

Renovation of legacy software can be done by gradually rebuilding the entire system, reviewing the foundation or by bringing the software to the cloud. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Modern software

Web applications from Hardcoded

We are happy to maintain and monitor the applications we have built ourselves. Keeping the system in top condition and ensuring that all changes in your business operations are also properly entered into the system. We will be happy to make custom agreements with you about this.

Third party web applications

Is your current development party out of the picture and do you want to further develop an existing system? No problem! By diving into the code, we can quickly figure out how we can help you. We provide honest advice about code and what our expectations are about its lifespan. We will also provide a complete maintenance plan to take care of the maintenance in the future.

Do you want to have your system maintained directly? We are happy to tell you more.

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