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Old software, rebuilt and customized for your business.

All software will get outdated at some point. For example, when updates or extensions are no longer released. Or when you bought new hardware or a new operating system that can't run the software anymore.

However, your employees are familiar with the software. Your crucial processes are translated into functionalities. Years of knowledge and experience have been invested into the system. You know what you have but are not sure what you will get in return.

We cleverly rebuild your existing software, allowing it to seamlessly match your workflow. We make sure the old and new software work the same and the impact on your organization remains minimal. The processes remain the same, the employees' knowledge is retained and there is no risk of failing business processes and decreasing turnover. This new situation allows you to make changes and start innovating.

What we do

We build your software program exactly according to today's requirements. Benefits are no security risks; the software works perfectly on all your (new) hardware and you have all tried and tested functionalities.

We improve the software based on your user experience. What could be more convenient, faster, and more efficient? You will get a tool that not only supports your processes but performs optimally as well. With all the new possibilities that come with it.

We ensure that you can access your programs anywhere (in the cloud) via smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

What can we rebuild?

When we build a system, it's often about crucial systems with a great organizational impact. These are systems like: ERP, process systems such as planning, calculation etc., CRM, SAP, Navision, Microsoft Dynamics.

We can build (almost) anything. We often have to deal with outdated software built in one of the following systems or programming languages: Visual Basic, Delphi, Flash (ActionScript), Oracle, Cobol, Clipper, Microsoft Access, VB-script (Excel macros), C, Pascal, Swift, Ruby, Perl.

Want to have your software rebuilt?
We are happy to tell you all about it.

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