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Woman with mask for Covid-19

Hardcoded and Covid-19

  • Bastiaan
  • 9 August 2020
  • Covid-19

Our customers want to know what measures we are taking regarding Covid-19. In order to answer that question directly, we write a piece about the current situation.

The Netherlands
The biggest wave in the Netherlands is over, but we all keep working from home as much as possible. We take proactive measures in relation to Covid-19 and closely follow the government's guidelines. We also expect this from our hired colleagues. As we travel to the office and to our clients by public transport, we try to meet digitally as much as possible. Meanwhile, we are getting very good with Zoom, Teams and Whereby, as well as tools such as Mural and Trello, helping us to plan our projects entirely online.

Do you want to meet in real life? No problem. As long as you don't have or haven't had anything, we'll be happy to visit. We'll travel outside rush hour as much as possible, preventing us from getting too close with other people. Obviously, we wear our masks on the train and bus or with our own transport.

Normally we would fly to customers within Europe, but for now we settle on virtual meetings. The measures in countries within the EU differ per country or region, and several of our customers are in high-risk areas. It's not just the meeting itself that is a challenge, but there's also the question: will I still be able to make it home? We love to fly, but for the time being we'll take it easy.

Our programmers in India are still in a lockdown that has been in effect for several months. Everyone who works with us has good equipment to work from home and fortunately they all do. Where necessary, we set up good proper home workplaces, allowing them to continue their work from home as well.

As the number of infection cases in India has not yet levelled off, we have decided to continue working from home in the coming months. The office is ready to discuss things, but we have noticed that here too, almost everything is done digitally. That's a good thing, because public transport and public facilities are set up in a slightly different way than in the Netherlands.

One case in India
Out of all the employees we employ or hire, only one programmer in India has been diagnosed with Covid-19. She went directly into quarantine with her family. It remains to be seen how this will develop further. We are grateful that all other employees and their families are safe and healthy.

We have been able to help clients
However, as a company we have been extremely busy in the past period. Not only new projects, but we have also helped many clients to adapt websites as well. New texts, announcements about opening hours and many entrepreneurs who immediately adapt their current business. From restaurants starting a delivery service to a vacuum cleaner manufacturer producing masks. We are seeing a tremendous amount of innovation from our customers and we were fortunate to be able to help them with that.

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